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AS Advertising



Digital/Print Ads

Apr. 2022 - Present


Working at a small advertising agency allows me to complete a variety of projects from animated promotional videos to logos and food packaging. Being able to speak to clients directly throughout the design process has given me the skills to produce work that is thoughtful and effective while considering the client's wants and needs. Understanding each company's preferences and objectives gives me insight on how to work collaboratively towards a final product that will fit seamlessly into the company's pre-existing assets. One thing I really enjoy about working for an agency is being able to create work for different types of businesses, big and small! This presents the unique opportunity as a designer to adapt to a multitude of different design styles and task-switch effectively to meet deadlines.


Animated Promotional Video

This video was created using After Effects to promote AS Advertising through animated type. The goal was to create a fast-paced, engaging, and exciting video that conveys the services provided and extensive expertise in advertising.

Sofina Promotional Video for AS Advertising

Sofina is a valued client of AS Advertising that has been with the company for decades. The purpose of this video is to showcase all the digital/printed ads, packaging/label designs, coupons, and other POS materials that have been created over the years.


Concept 1

Concept 2

Concept 3


18741 - Bothwell Cheese - Chef John Logo - V3-05.jpg

The Goal

Create a logo for Chef John from Bothwell Cheese that can be used on social media. The client wanted the logo to have a circle shape, resemble a stamp, have an edgy look, and include 'Slice & Dice with Chef John'.

See it in action!


Digital Ads - Dutchman's Gold

Product Info Graphics for Website

Web Banners - Dutchman's Gold

Homepage Banners for Website

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