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One Year of Daily Covid Cases & Deaths in Ontario

Information Design

Data Visualization


Mar. 2021 - Apr. 2021


This interactive data visualization model was created using Processing (Java) to run a sketch which reveals the daily Covid-19 new daily positive cases and daily deaths in Ontario from March 1st of 2020, until February 28th, 2021.

The data used for this project was retrieved from

What does this visualization answer?

This data visualization plots the daily Covid-19 data on a circle as each white dot represents up to 100 new positive cases, and each red dot represents up to 5 new deaths that day. This directly compares and contrasts the deaths with the number of positive cases each day for an entire year. The sliders allow the user to isolate data for further inspection of the individual data points. A zoom and pan function allows the user to zoom in on data points to have a deeper understanding of the data and for a more accessible experience. A hover function ('Months') is implemented to show the distinct separations of months for further clarity and reading of the data set.

Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 9.05.06 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 9.05.16 PM.png

Why is it novel?

This visualization is novel because it displays the data in a visually appealing way, while still allowing the data to be portrayed accurately and in a digestible/readable format. It includes interactivity which allows the user to customize their experience reading this data set and invites the viewer to immerse themselves in the visualization.

The simplicity of this visualization allows the data to speak for itself. It creates impact upon first glance and piques the interest of the viewer to interact with it. The processing sketch allows for other data sets to be imported which would provide further comparisons based on different provinces and/or years.

Design Process

Finding the Data & Sketches

Before deciding on the Covid-19 daily cases and deaths data set from, I considered other data sets from long-term care home Covid-19 data to Covid testing in Ontario data. I wanted to find the most reputable and relevant data that I could find before brainstorming how I would display this data. Once I picked the data set and knew I was going to focus on the daily positive cases and deaths variables I was able to start sketching my ideas. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 9.00.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 9.00.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-20 at 9.00.02 PM.png
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