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Product Design



Sep. 2020 - Apr. 2021



deskollab is a program which allows users to have everything they need in one window for remote work productivity while creating more meaningful connections. From work meetings and school projects to catching up with friends and family, deskollab is a virtual space for all your virtual needs.


The Goal

The goal of this project is to create a collaborative virtual workspace which allows the user to move in and out of different spaces depending on their specific needs when working remotely, both with a team and individually.

Figma, Miro



A virtual workspace with personal and shared studios where users can work alone or in kollabs to boost productivity and achieve work-life balance. Users can create their own customizable studios based on their specific needs or choose from pre-made templates and customize them later.

Kollabs are different groups of people created by you or someone else. You can be invited to other Kollabs or even start your own.

You can have as many Kollabs as you wish.

Personal Studios are rooms that are just for you. This is a space where you can be productive without any interruptions or take a much-needed break from work.

Kollab Studios are rooms for you and your fellow Kollab teammates. This is a space where you can work collaboratively with others, attend work meetings, workout with friends, and more! Create lasting and meaningful connections with coworkers and/or friends in a space catered to your Kollab’s needs.



  • Video and audio calling

  • Bluetooth connection for Apple Watch and other wearable technology

  • The addition of other platforms as widgets

    • YouTube, Spotify, Headspace, Figma, Miro, etc.​

  • Fully customizable Kollabs, Personal Studios, and Kollab Studios

    • The option to change the colour theme

    • The option to add your own photos to Kollabs

    • The option to add or remove widgets from templates and customized studios

  • The ability to move throughout studios without needing to return to the Kollab dashboard

  • The ability to add others as friends and see which rooms they are currently in

  • The ability to see a preview and description of each room from the Kollab dashboard

  • Leaderboards and other interactive elements to challenge your friends

Design Process

Research Conducted

  • Online Questionnaire

  • Semi-Structured Interviews

Data Synthesis & Research Findings

  • Literature Review

  • Mindmapping

  • Organizing data based on the P.A.C.T. Method (People, Activities, Context, Technologies)

What The Research Revealed

  • Women working remotely are put into sink or swim position

  • Casual conversations and camaraderie are missing when working remotely

  • It is harder to make meaningful connections and build professional relationships

  • Work/life balance is either much easier or harder when working remotely

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