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Corporate Identity


Corporate Identity

Jan. 2021 - Apr. 2021


The Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada has a long legacy of supporting children and their family through their health journeys. This foundation inspires others to create change and to support children as they are in and out of hospitals through granting wishes and providing children with toys and care packages. Starlight aims to brighten the lives of children and families going through dark times. They are there to provide support, hope, light, positivity, and some fun for children. These core beliefs are the building blocks for the new Starlight corporate identity.


Since Starlight makes wishes come true and welcomes families with open arms, their new corporate identity successfully conveys this through the logo, fluid elements, colour palette, and typefaces.


Primary Colours

CMYK          C: 0   M: 29   Y: 95   K: 0

RGB             R: 255   G: 187  B: 36

Hex Code     #FFBB24

Pantone        1235 C

CMYK          C: 100   M: 96   Y: 15   K: 9

RGB             R: 0   G: 29  B: 134

Hex Code     #001D8B

Pantone        Reflex Blue C

Secondary Colours

Fluid Elements

CMYK          C: 33   M: 49   Y: 0   K: 0

RGB             R: 197   G: 136  B: 255

Hex Code     #C588FF

Pantone        2572 C

CMYK          C: 62   M: 0   Y: 2   K: 0

RGB             R: 22   G: 206  B: 249

Hex Code     #16CEF9

Pantone        311 C

CMYK          C: 68   M: 0   Y: 82   K: 0

RGB             R: 51   G: 204  B: 102

Hex Code     #33CC66

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 10.09_edited.jpg

Pantone        7479 C

Instagram Profile Page Mockup.jpg
Balloon Mockup - white.jpg
Rollup Mockup (100 x 200) - blue.jpg
Rollup Mockup (100 x 200).jpg
Lanyard Mockup.jpg
ID Lanyard Mockup-new.jpg
Free Brand Folded T-Shirt Mockup PSD 2018 - full logo.jpg
Pinch Lock Box Mockup.jpg
Wrapped Gift Mockup.jpg
Wide Billboard Mockup-3.jpg
corporate stationary2.png

Design Process

The first step in creating a new corporate identity for Starlight Children's Foundation of Canada was to fully understand the foundation and their mission as a non-profit organization. I created a research report in order to outline the organizations current identity and their desired position and marketing message. This allowed me to start thinking about a creative strategy based on their goals and core beliefs.

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