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malcolm & bro.


Print Design

July 2020 - Present


malcolm & bro. is a unique greeting card and stationery brand.


I created this brand with my brother to satisfy our needs when it comes to thank you cards, birthday cards, and “just because” occasion cards. Our family has a tradition of written thank you cards that goes back many generations – be it for a gift, a dinner invitation, or a wonderful evening spent together.  This brand is important to us as it reflects our family and the rich traditions which we hope to continue for generations to come.


The Branding

The branding of malcolm & bro. is playful, modern, timeless, unique, and provides a vintage feel. We achieved these attributes through the company name (with the word play on malcolm & co.), as well as through the brand identity and promotional visuals.


The logo is based on gothic typefaces, intellecta monograms, wax seal stamps and vintage hand drawn logotypes to create the timeless, vintage feel. The text accompanying the logo uses a typeface which brings a more contemporary look to the brand while remaining classic and timeless.


We hope you enjoy our stationery as much as we do, and that you will delight your friends and family with a unique and thoughtful gesture of a handwritten card.

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